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So the Radeon 7950 is likely the better buy? I've been thinking about going with MSI again for this next card, but that IceQ cooler seems interesting... One of the reviews I looked at said it cooled the best out of the 6 they reviewed (ASUS, Sapphire, MSI, HIS, Powercolor and a reference card I believed) but was slightly louder due to the nature of the cooler. I don't really care about the noise as I'll be using headphones but lower temps would be nice. Any thoughts on the IceQ cooler?
There's also the price factor.

HD 7950s can be had for $350ish. GTX 670 is $400+.

So yes, unless you absolutely refuse to overclock or you absolutely love the Green Team/hate the Red Team, HD 7950 plain makes more sense than a GTX 670.

IceQ is a good cooler, if you want it, go for it, it won't disappoint.
Alright thanks! I think I'll be going with the Radeon 7950 soon then and I'm leaning towards the IceQ cooler. I'll do a bit more digging on it, but it seems to be good.
Could a Acer Aspire AM3985 with an Intel i5-3450 Quad Core Processor be upgrade-able to a GeForce GTX 560? No, I don't know what the motherboard is.
You must replace the power supply in order to have GTX 560 in it.

By the way, GTX 660 Ti information is added into the guide.
Kal i was just wondering if you could help me out with choosing a gaming laptop or desktop i have some picked out so far was wondering if you could tell me if they are any good or not for playing wow on preferably higher settings really looking to try to keep it under 900$
I wouldn't buy any HP laptops, as they are prone to heat problems.

Try to find ones with Intel i7 CPU combined with GTX 560M / 650M / 660M.
Radeon equivalents are listed in my guide too.


(Yes, slightly pricier, and doesn't come with OS, but:
1920x1080 matte screen, i7 CPU + GeForce 650M using GDDR5, not DDR3)
alright thanks and what do you think of this one
The GT 650M featured on that laptop uses slower DDR3 RAM. This will have a noticeable impact in the performance compared to GT 650M I linked with GDDR5 RAM.
hey kal, i want to get a gtx 670 and i want to be able to OC it. which of the 670 cards are built for OC'ing, is it evga or msi
MSI / ASUS, generally, although I've heard good things about Gigabyte too. EVGA does not really build their coolers for the purpose of overclocking.
good to know, thanks
Hey Kal, in the next few months, I was thinking of grabbing an HIS IceQ 7950 and possibly an SSD / additional monitor.

Currently my 6850 has been giving nothing but trouble, *it seems to like to blast to 100% fan speed by itself when I am browsing the internet*

My question is the HIS IceQ worth the extra money? I will overclock it of course :)
Also for SSD do you think its worth the money? I mean for some games I play it will lower the load time, but most of the time I play multiplayer games where I have to wait on other players.

Thinking of investing about 500dollars at the very most.
If you will overclock, ones with custom coolers like HIS IceQ, MSI Hawk/TwinFrozr, ASUS DirectCU II, Sapphire Toxic, etc. are definitely worth it.

SSD is definitely worth the money. It's not just about the games. It's the general computing you will do that you will notice the difference. I love seeing Windows 7 boot to be in ready to use state at desktop in 15 seconds. Wouldn't you too? ;)
hmm I guess i'll invest in an SSD for sure

as for the vid card
I am currently debating whether to get the IceQ turbo or the MSI twinfrozr
The Geforce GTX 660 Ti is being priced at $309.99 on newegg.
Would I need to upgrade my graphics from Intel HD Graphics 2500 if I just plan on playing WoW on at least High settings?
I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU, KALGANIZED!

I finally finished my "cheapskate" computer build based largely on your info in Thread #3 and the final product is absolutely great for the price. I would have messed up in so many ways without your guidance. On behalf of myself, and I am sure many others here, thank you for taking the time to bring your expertise to the WoW community! The information and feedback you provide in these threads are a tremendous resource. My sincere props to you for all your efforts!
Glad you love it. :D

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