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I haven't actually updated the prices on the builds for some time. I should.

The extra $300 comes from SSD + i5, and i5 will still grant a better minimum FPS in raids and such. The FPS estimates are extremely rough and isn't meant to be taken as actual presentation of the performance.
Awww. But I need numbers. >.<
I'm looking for a laptop to play on when I'm visiting family over holidays (mainly because I'm sick of missing Pilgrim's Bounty), so I followed your link to the laptop section. Can you give me some idea of what kind of performance I'd have between the price levels? What kind of differences would I see between an AMD A series with DDR3-1333 ($500-$650 range) versus a Intel i5 with GeForce 540M ($650-$900 range). My budget is simply "below $1000", so I'm not sure which price range to concentrate on.
Quite a bit. If you are however, not intending to raid on your laptop, then AMD A-Series laptop (with dedicated AMD Radeon graphics card) would work perfectly for you.
Nope, not intending to raid or pvp on the laptop. Mostly holiday achievements.

Newegg didn't have many options with the A Series and dedicated graphics, but I found this with an Intel i5 and a GT630M with dedicated graphics card for only $600. Would this work for what I'm looking to do?
Yes, that would work very well for your purposes.
Building a gaming PC sounds great, except I would have to buy Windows 7 64bit for 200$!!! There has to be a way around this
It shouldn't be $200. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP 1 OEM is $98ish.
About this Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP 1 OEM, is it only english version or does it give me the possibility to change the language?
Only the Ultimate version allows you to change the language of the entire OS.

Otherwise, the OS itself will be fixed to English version unless you buy the localized version from your home country. Program themselves may support other languages.
Then I guess this one is the one I'm looking for ?
Yes, if you want the entire OS to be in French.

Remember, program themselves are not tied to the OS; many of them offer language options and will change as needed.
Just unboxed a 2800$ alienware laptop today, doesn't work, keeps black screening when I do certain things like download Gw2, also did it while trying to watch a video ( 3d test ) Did a beep every now and then during one of the black screens, any ideas? I'm assuming I should just send it back, hopefully get refunded and never buy from them again?
Send it back. It seems to be a faulty unit.
I'm looking to get a better hard drive as mine is showing signs of failing. Plus it's just old. :P

Could you suggest a good 1TB HD with 7200 RPM? (Preferably on newegg)

And is the WD Velociraptor the only HD that has 1TB and 10000 RPM? I want one but I'm not looking to spend $250, and you state WD always overprices for some reason.

Looking to spend around $100-150. Could possibly go a little higher.

EDIT: Not sure if game case dimensions matter (since it goes into a slot). This is my current case.
You can find 1TB 7200 RPM drives for $90. Seagate, Samsung, etc. They are all good.

Yes, but 10K RPM isn't so impressive anymore when SSD thoroughly demolishes it.
Could you possibly link me to the best one? I'm so bad at this stuff and I don't know what any of it really means. There's so many mixed reviews on newegg and people saying they get DOA's on like all the drives I look at lol. :(
All the drives have DoA chance. Ignore what they say.
There is no "best" drive. Samsung, Seagate, etc. will all be more or less the same.

Here is one:
and 32mb cache and 3gb/s doesn't matter? Isn't a 64mb cache and 6gb/s faster?
No, not really. Mechanical hard drives can't max out 3Gb/s, much less 6Gb/s. More cache helps, but not so dramatically that you should pay premium for those.

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