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I got the remote access subsription today and i have no issues but one. The moon guard server where my main character is and guild i cannot log in. It shows in game with this toon that i am online remote. I was in the game on my alt, we could alll see him logged in, i keep checking my phone and it says " Chat connection Error". Unable to establish connection to server. But it shows in game im online?? Please help. I can acces the Ah and everything esle is fine, and no issues on the other servers but this one. Thanks in advance for anyone's advice.
Throwing this in here, too in hopes that one of the two recent threads are helped.

Same issue as well. No problem on the one or two other characters on other servers, but cannot get on with any of my Moon Guard characters since roughly noon CST yesterday 8/7, not long after servers were apparently back up. Android, Samsung Galaxy S if it helps. Reinstalled and all that jazz, too.
Yes i reinstalled and tried everything. Even as i logged out and re-installed it still shows this character in my guild online remote. Like hes stuck in remote for some reason.

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