I'm Schwert.

I'm 1800 CR in the rated battlegrounds.
I got like 30 wins to go until I get my RBG horse and want to stay close to home.

I promise I'm actually a ret paladin and not an arms warrior.

In all seriousness though;
I do want to finish off those 30 wins before Mists launches as it'll award me one of the few mounts I'm missing. I'd rather stick on Proudmoore to avoid some of the nastyness I've come across pugging 90% cross-realm.

I don't really care so much for pushing rating since arms warriors are admittedly the suck so if anybody's getting into some fresh battlegrounds or they're also wishing to farm wins for the title or mount let me know.

I promise I'm super chill - No nerd rage from me!
I've also got some decent arena experience on another toon.
I did the arenas on this chicky.
I haven't really touched them on live outside capping.

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