[A] <E X A L T E D> 6/12 - LF Warlock & Rogue

[E X A L T E D] is a weekend raiding guild on Aman'thul formed in 2007. We are currently running one 10 man raiding team, but also have a very active social contingent of ex-raiders who love us too much to leave. Most of our current raiders have been playing together for a number of years and as such we have a very relaxed, drama-free raid environment.

With only 10 hours of raid time per week, we expect all our raiders to give 110%. Potential applicants should have solid raid experience, detailed knowledge of their class and spec and the ability to research and understand boss mechanics and strats.

Cataclysm Progression:
T11 – 25 man: 12/12N + 3/13 heroic
T11 - 10 man: 12/12N + 10/13 heroic (incl Realm First: Sinestra)
T12 – 10 man: 7/7N + 6/7 heroic (incl Realm First: Glory of the Firelands Raider)
T13 - 10 man: 8/8N + 8/8 heroic

Raid Times:
Saturday & Sunday 11:00am to 4:00pm AEST (12:00pm to 5:00pm during daylight savings)

Recruitment is currently open for the following:
- Restoration/Elemental Shaman
- Warlock
- Rogue

We would also consider any exceptional applicants from classes outside those specified above.

Please contact Nippy, Kaeyla, Thordom or Bunzato in game for more information or visit http://www.exalted.net.au to apply
Join this guild!
If only you were Horde, love those raiding times... *free bump regardless*
Bumps for my friends in the guild
08/12/2012 08:50 AMPosted by Zar
Join this guild!
I'd love to join this guild. :D
08/12/2012 08:50 AMPosted by Zar
Join this guild!
Can I join this guild too? Seems awesome
bump for being awesome
Aman'thul's finest.
Can we still join this guild? Spent 2 hours scrolling through the guild list and still haven't found EXALTED....
try e[spacebar] x a l t e d
In a 2400 fmourne queue. Might as well bump this.

In a 2400 fmourne queue. Might as well bump this.


Your helmet is beautiful.
Dam now im going to have to try and smash to 90 ASAP :P

Currently playing a Holy Pally and a Mistweaver Monk lol
Hey lads.
Recruitment is now open for an experienced tank with a good offspec for our core progression raid team (12-5pm Sat/Sun).

Applications from exceptional ranged dps will also be considered.

Please contact Nippy, Bunzato, Thordum or Kaeyla in game for more information or visit our website http://www.exalted.net.au to apply.
Wtb more apps. Any role feel free to apply. We will consider all applicants with an appropriate level of knowledge and experience who could be an asset to our raid team.

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