<Nemesis> of Baelgun. 8/8H Now Recuiting!

****A little about us ****
We are the 25 man raid team at <Nemesis> of Baelgun. We raid Tuesday thru Thursday 7:00-10:00 PST. We are currently 8/8 Heroic progression. As a guild we have been in the raiding game since 2007. Our Leadership Team run a fun loving but very goal oriented outfit. Heroic modes and the play level to achieve them is an expectation not a perk. We strive to create a raiding environment that acknowledges and rewards hard work and dedication.

***A little about what we expect from you***
Attendance: Fifty percent of raiding is showing up the rest are variables.
Adaptability: Can you learn on the fly listen and take advice; are you open to improvement?
Attitude: Leave it at the door please…
Community: Like with any team it takes a village not just a few members for us to thrive. Are you a team centric player? Do you have the ability to put the group’s best interests above your own to achieve our team goals?
If think you have what it takes to join our ranks…

***Contact us ***
Email of GM: Silijint@gmail.com
RealID: guest173800@gmail.com:Pikà
RealID: Silijint@gmail.com:Silijint
Website: http://www.nemesisraiding.com

To apply simply go to out website and submit and application. If you have any question, use the realids use'd above.

Immediate Core raiding team opening available for skilled Holy Paladin , Resto Shamans, and Ranged DPS.
We’re always interested in recruiting skilled players of all classes so please drop us a line.
If you're happy and you know it, bump.
Bump for 24 hour duty!!!

Still looking for some good ranged dps.

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