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Dear blizzard, if you ever read this (Which I highly doubt), I have some requests. I request to make it so that level 90 guards don't spawn when you go to attack a village. The villages already have guards outside it, why do you have to put even more to ruin the fun? The reason why I request this is because I have gone on multiple trips with my friends where we would go to random alliance villages and attack, pillage, kill etc. But once we fight our way to the interior of the village, we get killed within 10 seconds. It really does ruin the fun in attacking. The next thing that I am requesting is to make it so that a player or a group can take over a village/city. Because what's the point of having alliance vs horde if they will never attempt to take each-other over? I hope you will acknowledge this and make the game more enjoyable. Thanks.
You'd want to put these suggestions in General, Brutu - we also ask you watch the caps :)
If you have some suggestions your best served by using the in game suggestion tool or posting in the forum best suited to the suggestion. In this case perhaps PVP or General Discussion. In those forums the developers look for feedback, something that is not done in customer support.

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