[A] 3 People Returning for MoP LF PvE Guild

Good morning/afternoon/evening,

Myself, my wife and RL friend have just returned from roughly a 1-year break in hopes of getting settled in with a new group to experience MoP. We all have considerable raid experience dating back to vanilla (nothing insane or noteworthy, just several years) and are the type to study up on min/max'ing and to come to raids prepared. I'll post some info about us below and hope to hear from some groups that may be a good fit for us!

Eumaeus (Feral Druid willing to play any spec needed except resto)
Aeowynne (Shadow Priest - has raid healed since Vanilla and hopes to stay dps for MoP)
Alpengeist (Resto Shaman willing to play any spec but prefers/performs best as resto)

We are hoping to raid 2 evenings weekly and are EST players that can commit up to 11PM Server on average. We are mid-upper 20's and mature with a very easygoing sense of humor. Please feel free to whisper me in-game as well with any questions.

Side Note: Current guild is a placeholder - it was a 10-man guild we owned/led during early Cataclysm.
Hello, we are currently looking to recruit more people for MoP and are looking for all classes and specs, we raid 3 nights a week but are only raiding one night a week ATM unless we decide to do older content. if you would like to talk and get more info send me, thedavito or thepaperman an in game message. My real I'd is sdotson_19@hotmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you
Bump and thank you for contacting me Whisper!
Bump again~
Bump - still looking.
Plenty of guilds out there, I'd check the guild recruitment thread at the top of the forums. Also you could always keep your eyes peeled in trade chat, there's usually always some guild looking for more raiders.

Good luck!
hit EoE up, could use good dedicated people

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