Rise of the Triad returns!

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I know for a fact that there's people out there who remember this game. Seeing this trailer left me skeptical when I read the title. But as soon as I saw the action... It brought me back to what this game was ALL ABOUT.

Here's some info courtesy of Joystiq from Quakecon 2012:

"The return of the PC classic Rise of the Triad from developer Interceptor Entertainment will be sold digitally for $14.99 and offer all post-launch DLC for free, the dev announced during QuakeCon 2012."

"As if running down a checklist of oft-requested features from PC players, the game will also be DRM-free, completely moddable, run at 60 frames per second and have plenty of adjustable settings to let the game run on older hardware."
Even though this is old, must be bumped. There is Quakecon interview on the youtube channel for Interceptor; http://www.youtube.com/user/InterceptorEntertain which pretty much makes me want to run out and tell everyone I know about ROTT coming back.

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