Blizz Blues 11: Is Hunters OP?

Hope y'all enjoy watching this at least half as much as I did! XD
major link fail
08/07/2012 11:15 PMPosted by Eponine
major link fail

Uh... why? It works

He thinks it's a scam or something because the link is

Anyway, vid was pretty funny
I laughed at the disengage off of LM.
Now this may be the box wine that i'm drinking that's talking but seriously..amazing effin video that I may watch another 6-15 times..

"beast mode baaaaaaby!"


"ima pretend I didn't see that"

"get that flag back uhhhhhh"

"gonna pow pow!"

"it's fairly obvious that hunters are..."
wait i missed the:

"I got lumber mill yall, I got lumber mill!"


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