Censored is seeking raiders and raid groups!

Censored is looking to open our doors to new raiders and raid groups for MoP raiding!

  • Are you in a raid group that doesn't look like it will survive the expansion transition without help?
  • Do you lead a group that is having trouble keeping a full and stable roster due to the difficulty of recruiting for a lesser known guild?
  • Are you a successful raid group but in a lower level guild that would like access to level 25 perks, full raider repairs, and a fully stocked bank, all without having to lose your group's autonomy?
  • Is your group a small guild and you want the community that comes from being in a large, active, and successful guild full of raiders, pvpers, and casuals alike?
  • Are you wanting to start your own raid group, but don't want to deal with the frustrating barriers to entry that new groups and raid leaders face?

  • If any of the above is true, or if you simply want a change of scenery, Censored is where you belong! Our guild is a community style guild that is run very uniquely with regards to raiding. Instead of the typical top-down guild leadership organizing all raiders into raid groups with an A team, B team, and so forth, with open movement between groups sabotaging the progression of all but the "core group", we prefer a method that benefits all raiders equally.

    Every raid group in our guild is member-led, and completely independent. Members of the guild are greatly encouraged to form their own raid groups, and the raid leaders of each group can set whatever schedule, loot/attendance rules, and so forth they prefer, all completely supported by the guild leadership. It's like forming your own 10 man raiding guild, except you are already in a level 25 guild with all the benefits that entails, including generous repairs, access to a fully stocked guild bank of raiding materials, and the recruitment help that comes from being a part of a top guild on the server.

    This system works very well. We currently have three separate 8/8hm 10 man groups, and a fourth one progressing through heroics, on top of regular in-guild pugs and alt groups. In preparation for Mists of Pandaria, we are welcoming new raid groups and raiders/raid leaders to our roster and we want to help you succeed in the new expansion!

    If this sounds right for you or your raid group, please get in touch today to discuss moving your group over! You can contact either myself (nazlicensored@gmail.com) or Balefire (censoredofthrall@gmail.com) in game or through Real ID to organize moving over, or if you have any questions about anything.
    Please feel free to check http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/thrall/Censored to see one of the ways we help the recruitment for different raid groups, and for an idea of how the groups we currently have are run.
    I also provide hugs and love to all friendlies in the valley of wisdom.
    Seeking am raid leader and raids, as well as afternoon/early evening groups as well.
    A tip would be to just start 25 man raid groups instead of a bunch of 10s .
    I like how you made a new alt just to troll this thread. Were Jihl, Alliiss, and Rakirsha not enough troll alts for one realm? Also, has it seems like you missed the point of "independent raid groups". Combining groups into a 25 man group would be antithetic to our goals, and is also something none of us actually want to do. Crazy I know.
    Hi, I'd like to join the guild, if there are still some open spots.
    Come apply, our raid team leaders will look your app over if they need anything. Joining members get hugs from our GM in cow town!
    I never got a hug.....is there a special hug rule?
    you been getting hugs since before you were in censored.
    still looking
    Bring your group get hugs
    I will give you hugs!
    Welcome to Keins Zweck our newest raid group.
    what if I don't want hugs?
    then don't stand near me

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