Censored is seeking raiders and raid groups!

grope and bump
so many new guilds forming, don't level a new guild join the lively social scene that is censored.
Moar groups! Moar groups!
Hi, I've been trying to get a hold of Nazli in game and I also tried whispering a few different people from your guild and so far no replies. I'm very interested in joining. I have 6 85s there atm and am planning on moving 2 or 3 more over and would really like to have a good guild to call home. I'm still working on gearing them as I've been playing and raiding on my alliance toons for the past 8-9 mos. So far I've only gotten 2/8H and I'm not too happy about it but that's why I'm looking for a better guild with better players. I'm a long term player (over 6 yrs now ) looking for a long term serious guild. Coldkash, Archchaos, Tandrastus, or Fudies are the toons I'm working on the most currently. If someone could send me something in game and let me know whats up I'd appreciate it.
censoredofthrall@gmail.com is me
Bump for my favorite guild!
Don't form a guild, join an existing one and get raiding in two weeks when mop raids open.
We have trees!
Come be part of an active social and questing/gearing scene. Hit me up anytime to discuss how the guild works and what we can do for you.
What are your current raid times? Are you still recruiting Warlocks?

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