Where did all the vanilla druids go?

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private... still old school rank >_>
Vanilla Druid reporting in.

Originally Corporal, now Grunt...

I'm proud of this because I only hit 50 before BC hit! Thank you Alterac Valley
Some of us just aren't playing the same druid.

In my case, I got my first feral druid to around level 38 or so and got the Sergeant title when I decided I didn't like the name and appearance anymore. They didn't have paid options back then so I started a new druid, got to 30 and had the same problem. Finally I started up this druid with a few months to go before TBC and was too busy leveling to pvp.
9/11/31 spec'd, Ferhago watching...
I remember his videos. I started this character during the patch Dire Maul was released in. I don't remember if I started PvP before or after the druid overhaul, but I made it to Knight-Captain.
Lieutenant General Vanilla Balance Druid here.
Offpeak (Aussie) BG caller for our HW grinders (American/Canadian)- lol MF spam, our awesome 31 point self focussed Hurricane and all :D..

Damn I miss my original PvP guild (Timesink, Skywall) from those days - many great players and great people (Senomar, Cue, Dese .....).
Sadly destroyed by the PvE gear advantage with Naxx (people complain now, BWL/AQ could be beaten by skilled PvPers, but the insanity of 30%Naxx+ wih AQ40 gear versus the non-evolved PvP gear sets was just .... horrendous) after the sacrifice with the original Grind.

A salute to those who have gone and moved on.
i was a 19 twink in vanilla (just for lols) although i spent no time on this toon and this was after the honor system changed and ranks were removed. i didn't revisit this guy until late bc.
Senior Sergeant, reporting :)
08/09/2012 10:48 AMPosted by Turaven
don't think I can ever recall seeing a Grand Marshal or High

Not hiding. I'm riding around on my Ancient Frostsaber (old school mount for those who don't know).
Vanilla Lieutenant Commander reporting in for Alliance Druids.
Knight-Lieutenant reporting in.

still my main.

some pretty big brakes since vanilla though.

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