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my wow just started to glitch all of a sudden an when it does it freezes an doesn't come back have to CTRL + ALT + Delete end task to close an restart game it has only happend while in a dungeon so i am getting frustrated trying to find out why an no clue at this time hope someone can help plz

Can you post some information about your computer? You can find this information in the Direct X Diagnostic Tool:

Click on Start
Click on Run
Type in: dxdiag (In Vista, type dxdiag in the search field)
Hit Enter or OK

Click on the Save All Information button at the bottom, and create a dxdiag text file, and copy and paste the dxdiag file into your reply.
Technical Support
Want to speak with someone directly? http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/about/contact.html

Check your G-diffuser system!
Im having a similar problem, i was in HoT for around 8 minutes and BAM my mouse started to freeze then wow and my whole computer froze out of no where, i did a system scan to see if anything else was causing the problem but there was nothing wrong, it was wow that was freezing my computer. I dont understand why this is happening :'(
I'm having the same issue, except it's ONLY on one toon and only when I'm trying to fish :S It's irritating as I'm trying to get my last fishing achievs on that toon while trying to help my guild they the 25k fish achiev. *note, it's not this toon that's affected, I just post on it

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