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Hi all and thanks for a minute of your time! First off, most of my raiding experience comes from a Hpally POV ; http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/feathermoon/Aublix/advanced , and although I would prefer to play my priest during Mists, I would have no problem returning to a Hpally or leveling a monk or shaman if need be (and if there is enough interest). For the most part, I've never held onto a permanent raid spot for more than a couple months because of work travel but with a new job, I'm looking for a guild to commit to. Fast-paced progression is what I'm used to and looking for in a new guild ; constructive criticism always appreciated.

Cata Raiding Experience to Date:

T11 :
*Heroic BWD - 6/6 Cleared ; server first H Nefarian.
*Heroic BoT - 4/5 Cleared ; sub 10% Ascendant Council, server first H Sinestra.
*Heroic ToTFW - 2/2 Cleared ; server first H Al'Akir.

T12 :
*Heroic Firelands - 6/7 Cleared ; sub 20% Heroic Ragnaros

T13 :
*Heroic Dragon Soul - 6/8 Cleared ; 3rd plate Spine, no exposure to H Madness.

All of these kills were prior to hugely significant nerfs.

No preference in regards to 10 or 25 man raiding, I'm experienced in both environments. Any guilds that have ACTUAL organzied PVP (not random bgs) will have priority ; 2300ish Arena and RBG experienced player.

If you have any questions at all, contact me in-game. Thanks again for your time and interest!
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