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Shattered Hand
We are reforming for Mists, and as such, are looking for players of all levels and classes to join us!!

We're a casual play style guild that has been around since WotLK, and cleared ICC10. We all have jobs and other things that take priority over WoW, but we still want to explore, and clear all of the new content coming out.

We also like to run old raids in free time as well, for achievements, mounts, and transmog gear. Most of us have been playing since launch day so many of us are experienced in multiple aspects of the game.

In Mists, we're looking forward to daily guild runs of scenarios, heroics, challenge mode runs, and 10 man raids.

Whether you're brand new to the game, an alt, or a veteran player, you are welcome to join us and get ready for Mists. If it sounds like we fit your play style, or you have more questions, feel free to message me in-game, or reply on here. Thanks for your time, and good luck to everyone in Mists!

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