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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Im gonna bump this into the stratosphere!

Also yeah, 6/16, we havent ventured into HoF yet (it only just opened and its currently 8am)
I decided to come back to WoW after a 3 year break and roll a healer (Holy) and Shadow Priest.

Originally i was based on an EU server until i moved over seas and had to re-do everything again. Prior i was a tank/DPS

My Raid experience is all pre ICC. Both 10 and 25 man Guild Raids.

Currently the Guild I'm in offers no Guild Dungeon Runs to build teamwork and communication for Raids.

Though i am currently lvl 80 i have now purchased both Cata and Mop and will go through that to gear up for end game Raiding content.

Please feel free to message me for a HC dung run as healer or dps and see how things go from there.

All the best

BUmp 11/16N with heroic stoneguard down 1/6HMV
Recruitment is now open for an experienced tank for our core progression raid team (12-5pm Sat/Sun).

Applications from exceptional ranged dps will also be considered.

Please contact Nippy, Bunzato, Thordum or Kaeyla in game for more information or visit our website http://www.exalted.net.au to apply.
bump, 3/16H with h spiritbinder dead.
Wtb more apps. Any role feel free to apply. We will consider all applicants with an appropriate level of knowledge and experience who could be an asset to our raid team.
Hey guys,

I'm a MOP raid ready resto druid (main, balance OS) who is currently looking for a new guild.

I'm fairly new to raiding (only played WOW for a bit over year) but I was the main healer for my previous guild for several months before MOP dropped. It's hard for me to play with them now because they are an American guild and have recently changed their raiding schedule. But we got through all the normal DS bosses after 2 weeks and had started on heroics when MOP dropped (which put raiding in Cata on the back-burner).

I have invested a large amount of time perfecting my toon and making sure I understand all the ins-and-outs of druid healing. I'm also on top of gemming and enchanting and make sure I run my LFRs each week for gear.

I have always put a great deal of effort into watching videos etc. to make sure I understand the fights and am happy to participate in strategy discussions when faced with a tough boss.

I enjoy helping others get geared and have always been an active participant in guild activities raid related or otherwise. I made countless flasks for the battle cauldron recipe last year.

Let me know if a druid is the sort of healer you could work with.
Thanks for your interest Hylora, but we're really looking for a shammy or pally healer.

Looking for:
1 x off tank (pref not warrior)
1 x ranged dps (pref warlock)
1 x healer (pref shaman, pally or monk. solid dps offspec would be great)
oh look, a bump or something

Looking for:
1 x off tank (pref not warrior)
1 x ranged dps (pref warlock)
1 x healer (pref shaman, pally or monk. solid dps offspec would be great)
Bump for Heroic Blade Lord.
wtb more apps!

Healer > Tank > Ranged Dps
Bumpy bump
Still looking:

1 x off tank (not warrior)
1 x ranged dps (warlock/boomkin/ele shaman)

Will consider all exceptional apps regardless of class/spec

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