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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Up ya go~
*upper-cuts thread to the top*
Though our website recruitment specifies certain classes and specs, we welcome anyone interested to apply!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all.

May your hits be crits and lewts be epic!
Though we welcome applicants of all classes and specs, we're currently seeking tanks; either monks, warriors or druids!
We're in the market for some hunters, but any skilled player of any class/ spec is welcome to apply!
Welcoming skilled players of any class/ spec is welcome to apply!
LF raiders!
LF all classes and specs :D
LF raiders!
We're especially looking for tanks and DPS~
Still seeking folks~
LF raiders or all classes and specs.
'Bumps' have been changed to 'Faps'. Bump less and fap more!

But we are still looking for exceptional raiders of any class / spec. So if you're interested then apply @ http://www.luxaeterna-guild.com/recruitment

No need to be shy, we only bite tasty people in a nice way :D
I Fel Whip my Tuft of Gnome Hair back and forth!!!

We're a largely SG-based guild, but have no shortage of friendly Aussies!
*slaps you around a bit with a large Emperor Salmon*
LF tanks and DPS~ Exceptional healers are welcome to apply!

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