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Moon Guard
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We are the light before the night. We are the shadow before the dawn. Through the darkest hours of the world we prevail, through the cutting winds and the burning flames of war, we persevere.
We are the oppressed, the underdog, the darkened soul and burdened mind. We are the heavy heart and the overlooked. We are the true people of Azeroth... Those who lead real lives, of real worth... Not men and women with fat bellies and purses, or polished boots and sickly, oily grins plastered upon our pudgy faces whilst we rub together our sweaty, fat hands.

The halls shall tremble and the mountains shall quake, the shields will shatter and the swords will break... But we will still stand strong. You who are overlooked because you were not rich enough for the likes of the so-called Guard, you are our brother. You whose heart and soul is burdened by the haunting darkness of your past, who has been given no quarter, no chance to prove yourself... You are our kinsman. You who have been forced to prove your mettle time and time again to fools and dogs of the Alliance far more concerned with their next meal and pay than they are about someone else, it is you who we fight for. When all the world seems lost, when the darkness crowds around us and all light seems to go out in the world... We prevail, we persevere, and we stand strong... We stand together.

We are the Darkness within the Light... We are the ones who will do what must be done, we are not the shining heroes of valor and legend, we are not the templars of justice and light... We are not the people everyone wants. We are the heroes the world needs. We can be what no other can. We can stand in the midst of the mire and shout victory over the rotted stench of corruption. We can charge on when all others would give up in hopes of a good bed and a hot meal... We do not fall to corruption, we do not answer to tyranny. We are a force to be reckoned with, we are the swords and spears of the Alliance that are needed. We will do what must be done for the justice and righteousness of the world, of our people.

Will you answer our call? Will you join our cause and show this world that we are all just as powerful, just as strong, just as good as the rest of them, if not stronger for coming through so much?!

We are the Tainted Legion, and we are waiting.

Hello folks, Crazy Aussie Highcastle here with what I somehow never thought to do. A forum post! The Tainted Legion is a guild I founded 9-2-2008 as a Medium-Heavy RP guild, and am proud to say that both through hard work and stubborn-ness, is still alive.

Dark-oriented military guild, with a fluctuating alignement of Chaotic-Good and Lawful-Neutral, we strive to act as the Swords the Alliance seems to be lacking. With all the protectorate Order's, the Guardian-types of our 'hallowed' cities wandering about protecting not much really as someone else has already gotten to it... There's a severe gap in our set-up. That gap is our Offensive line.
The Tainted Legion strives to fill that gap, and be the fighting force that shall strike forth without mercy, without remorse, and do what it must to crush whatever threats present themselves to the Alliance as a whole, be they man, god, demon, corpse or otherwise... (( As in we actively will go out of our way to crush/hunt down any Scourge, Burning Legion, Twilight Hammer, etc... Influences we find. )) We also make it our duty to tear out the seeds of corruption within our own lands, within our cities and communities, and yes... Hound them until they either can't take it anymore or are dead.

We do accept all classes and races, we do accept most all levels, but priority of recruitment is quality of quantity. If you feel you have the potential, even if you are new to Roleplay, we'll hear you out and see how you are. If you need help developing your RP or your story, don't hesitate to give myself a yell as i'm more than happy to help. I do write for a living.

Recruitment is taken through In Character interviews with myself, or with most any of the other members available (Such as Laenara, Darmandus, Rhinehold, etc).

In Character Information: There is some information that I choose to see as public knowledge for approaching or seeking one of us out. The Tainted Legion is a public Alliance military, it has been stationed for over two years now within the halls of the Westbrook Garrison, and is led by Highlord Meinas Highcastle (Pretentious !@#$, who is this guy?). Our tabard is within the Alliance registries, so is (obviously) our guild, thus the whole 'registry' thing anyways.

Ah, yes, before I forget! The Tainted Legion had been stationed since its day of founding in the Westbrook Garrison, but has now moved to the Keep of Fenris Isle, there to rebuild that settlement into a greater home for our order and into a spear-head location for any attacks our allies may wish to take advantage of.
  • Ranks:

    Highlord(1): Meinas Highcastle, founder of the order and the cause


    Lord(1-2): Belyle

    Marshal(1-3): Rhinehold

    Captain(1-5): Laenara, Valtaur

    Legionnaire, Recruit(1-Many): This is the general soldier/footman area... So naming is moot as it's ever-changing.

    Trades/Craftsman, Civilian(1-Many): Same basis with the above rank, only instead of 'general soldier', its civilians.

  • Allies:
    Knights of the Hand,
    The Ardent Inquisition,
    First Regiment(Now Westridge Brigade),
    Mountain Guard(Now retired),
    Clergy of the Holy Light,
    Grancourt Harborage(Now deceased)

  • Enemies:
    The Eyes of Old,
    Any Forsaken, whether Players or NPC's
    The Hawktotem Tribe(Now retired)
    To be updated...

  • If you're a guild of dark or good intent, and you wish to have any form of interaction with myself or my guild let me know and perhaps even make a post if you want to give me a heads up on anything... We can RP something out if all parties are willing and I can continue to update lists and the like.

    We RP-PvP as it comes, and a big shout out to all the people who've had us along in campaigns for giving us the chance to throw our fists (However big or small they may be) into a good, fun fight! We are also working upon the building of further storyline progression (both as a guild and with individuals) and the instillation of a civilian 'sect' of the guild, to work alongside the military Legionnaire's as part of a unit, as history shows that all true militant, and even political, movements of force had a backbone comprised not just of sword-swingers and shield-bearers... But of the men and women willing to put in the hard yard to see the horses cared for, the soldiers in one piece, the armories stocked and the whole 'unit' running smoothly.
    Those who come into these ranks should not fear being 'typecast' as pure non-combatants, or one-dimensional characters... Nor should those amongst the militant ranks feel a similar threat, as no one person has ever done only one thing in their life... These ranks are meant to work together. Not serve as numbers, or machines set aside... As a unit. As a people... As Legion. And if you feel dissatisfied with your placement? Or feel that you could progress as a character not in the field you started, but perhaps in another? Bring it up In Character, and transfers can be arranged. Communication is key in this regard, and in anything else regarding the guild. I don't bite, and i've no intention to block my ears.
    Hope to see you all soon-ish and a good day to all of Moon Guard!

    Also, here's our website: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=321998&TabID=2699510&PageName=Home
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