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Even though I in my opinion I think MLP is a little girls show and should stay a little girls show, I'm not gonna go all "Blarg Bronies r gay screw dem". I want to know what it is about the show that causes...older people to create forums about it, make fan clubs, and create...*shudders*...Pony p0rn...

We're all entitled to our opinions, and I am not judgeing anyone for liking the show. Go ahead and watch Pinkydash and and Rainbowshy discover the power of sharing.

I'm just curious...
Because there are sad people out there who could and have turned a kid's show into some annoying fad. And for the p0rn there is p0rn of everything you can think of on the computer, it's a rule.

It's best to just let bronies be annoying with each other to be honest.
For the p0rn. Rule 34. Every fanbase has it. And chances are it's mostly just bored artists drawing it for laughs/money. People always forget that p0rn is everywhere. It can be a currency here.

Of course some bronies are going to be annoying on the internet. It's the internet. Not every fan of the show enjoys it. And not every fan is a Pony shipper. But since it's the internet. All the bad stuff gets shown more for extra shock value and attention.

Also you failed to notice there is a My Little Pony forum already in this forum. You can see casual fans of the show there who even find some Bronies annoying. They can answer your question as well.
Why I like ponies:

1) Awesome animation. I love adobe flash, & the animation in ponies is glorious.

2) References to everything that, well, us older people would get.

There is a direct poster in an episode that is based on the title screen of Batman, the animated series (90's one), just to name one.

3) Characters with depth that people can relate to, it's not all just overly cutesy girly stuff.

4) Voice work. Some of the mane cast are played by people who voiced in many shows from my childhood. The guest voices have been those of DBZ & Star Trek stars. :P

5) Awesome songs. Well, they are. I'm a sucker for amazing fun songs.

6) Yes, it is pretty damn cute. Can't help it, I /squee over the cuteness.

7) I like cartoons. I've always liked cartoons. I LOVE looking up old cartoons from my childhood to watch them. Heck, even shows like Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers... they started rerunning it on Teletoon Retro the day of my 20th birthday & I ran, no, flew to the tv to watch it. :P

So yeah... Ponies are fun. You don't have to enjoy it, but that's some of the reasons why we do. :)

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