8/8hm LF warlock or priest

Emodar Allstars is currently looking for an 8/8H warlock (legendary is a +) or Priest who can both Heal and DPS efficiently for current farming of Cata content and heading strong into MoP. We need someone who is reliable, doesn't make silly mistakes, and consistently shows up to raid with a positive and progression minded attitude regardless of what we're doing that night.

Currently we're raiding two days Tuesday and Thursday from 730-11 PST (server) and are planning on adding Sunday (same times) for MoP Progression. We do not have a website and do not ask for applications, but we conduct interviews and make our decisions based on that and logs.

We plan on hitting MoP pretty hard, and while progression on Blackrock can be competitive we are aiming for a much higher spot than when we transferred from Exodar. We are planning to hit 90 within 1-2 days come MoP (groups already forming for non stop leveling).

To give some examples of our t13 progression once we arrived on Blackrock we killed heroic spine in 2 weeks and 4 shot heroic madness and have been killing them since.

We are currently restructuring our raid team and have an immediate and paid transfer core spot for a 8/8H warlock or priest with fantastic logs.

Talking in vent is a requirement.

You can get in touch with me through realid: QLARP@comcast.net, or message Syvere (or my alts, they'll all start with Syv), Dtown, or Legos ingame. If you dont see any of them online, ask a member to see if players are on alts, someone is almost always online these days.
Take me! LOL

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