[A] old recruiting post, please 2 ignore

Nothin' ta see here, folks. Move along.
08/12/2012 07:13 PMPosted by Redarian
tingle in your loins

You had me at blood and !@#$%.

Damn good read sir, well played.
A single thread bump--
The first of many to come:
Shameless promotion

~ The first haiku
Red sure loves haiku.
He leads a fine raid as well.
Completely shameless.
Bravo Good Sir Bravo !!!
red made me post here
really did not want to post
hope he is happy
I have seen Stormrage;
Many players want a raid.
Help Regicide grow!
I filled out an app on the Regicide site
I'm on the brink of glory
Consider the potential!
The post above me
Failed to use haiku form...
Should we show mercy?
Mercy is weakness!
Spare no one the wrath of Red!
Shun the cur! /grin

You saw nothing, Red.
Mercy is a weakness!
Spare no one the wrath of Red!
Shun the cur! /grin

^ The irony here:
This post's structure fails as well:
It's "Six - Seven - Five"
The edit button
Tries to hide all your mistakes.
Yay for the time stamps!
Verily, note this!
Even should you change what's past,
I has a {quote} tag
Post-patch rotations:
Ya mean I have to refresh
My Shadow Word: Pain?!?!?!
I suddenly learned
This Monday: a holiday.
Sounds like more WoW time...
Daily cap removed:
Can work all reputations!
Still don't do any...
Three lines
Two meanings
One time
Three lines
Two meanings
One time

Bite-sized haiku form:
For the raider on the go,
Two-three-two pattern?
New monk main for Mists,
Updated recruiting post:
Alright, then--let's go!

~ haiku of the It's Too Late To Be Creative poster.
Bump, bump, up we go,
Higher on the forums show--
Start the recruit flow!

~ haiku of the holy-Light-you-mean-it-rhymes?

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