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Name: Demia Mannister

Title: The black Shadow



hysical discription: Medium height, and average build. Very unaposing. Tattoos on face(like the 'bear' nelf tattoo) and always shadowformed.

Weapons and Armor: Black mageweave set(vest not robe) A wicked dagger(cataclysmic Gladiator's spell blade) and spell book(Brutal galdiator book model.)

Breif History: She was born in Westfall, near the Furlbrow's farm, she was poor like the rest of westfall, but different. She could use the light, due to extreme faith that it would save her from poverty. Later, that all changed when she heard of what the Scarlet Crusade did with the light. She left the light feeling betrayed, and embraced the shadow, never looking back.

How did you end up in the pit: She chose to be in the pit to test her skills, but didn't realise that she had been tricked. She had thought that she would be living with the owners, and everything, but ended up in the slave cages.

(very short because of time, trust me everything i will post will be longer.)
My...My goodness.

I wasn't expecting THIS much to turn up....

I'll read through later and see whats good and what's not.
Oooh Oohh Oooooh! I want innnn!
08/14/2012 04:50 PMPosted by Bloodsfury
Oooh Oohh Oooooh! I want innnn!

Put a up a sign up then, Moony xD
I need to decide who to put in...

I'm gonna look through Sign-ups and see what we're lacking in xd
I need to decide who to put in...

I'm gonna look through Sign-ups and see what we're lacking in xd

Druidy Kaenei?


Jokes, take your time xD
I may consider joining up... dunno yet....

Just to keep in practice and all..
08/14/2012 04:55 PMPosted by Liå
Druidy Kaenei?

Possibly since Coron is here =P

What races do we have? More importantly, what don't we have? (Like, playable races)
Name: Darius Deathweave (Not birth name, he changed it CUZ HE CAN)

Title: The Weaver of Death

Race: Undead

Gender: Male

Age: 34 at age of death

Physical discription: It's supposed to be Dots, so just look at the profile.

Weapons and Armor: He has a long black staff made of obsidium, crafted for a very hefty price by a blacksmith acquaintance of his, and enchanted at an even heftier price by an elf with anger problems to channel some of his attacks. It doesn't enhance the powers very much at all; he simply feels more comfortable using it. He also keeps a knife on his belt, just in case anything ends up pinning him down.

As for his armor, he wears a simple black robe with white trim, and wears the Undercity tabard over it.

Brief History: Born Darius Weever to a normal Pre-Arthas' Betryal family in Lordaeron, he was always dissatisfied with his life. Whenever he went into Capital City, he saw nobles walking everywhere, wearing robes that put his normal clothes to shame. In an attempt to emulate them, he shunned normal clothes, and went everywhere wearing cheap knockoffs of the real thing. His parents did not see what the big deal was, but it didn't screw with anything, though the fact that he was severly annoyed whenever his little sister, Molly, tried to get a free ride out of the trailing back was a bit annoying.

Despite this, Darius lived a normal life, until the Scourge came. By then he was living on his own as a merchant and apprentice mage. He tried to use his powers to defend himself, but was quickly defeated when the arcane arts failed to protect him. When he was raised, he served mindlessly in the Scourge for a while, until he broke free, and joined the Forsaken the moment he found out about it. But even with the tons of freedom, as well as several companions who had been his friends in life, he didn't want to be destroyed as he had during the Scourge attack; no, he wanted a way to near limitless power, a way to make sure that he and his friends would always be safe, so he got a stylish black white-trimmed robe, did his hair up all special, and trained for years to become the talented warlock he is today.

How did you end up in the pit: He got his rotting rear end scammed. He was told by a goblin (That should have been the first warning) that some adventurers had found a treasure trove of both gold and demonic tomes, but he would only tell where it was if Darius payed him every piece of gold in his pockets, plus two hundred gold in addition (Second warning). Darius thought that this would be no big deal, as when he found the treasure, he would be both rich and powerful beyond imagining. He could finally be like the nobles he always envied as a child. And so he gave the goblin money, and went to the location. Little did he know, it was the location of the Blackflame Pit, and that goblin was hired by the owners to find new recruits. When he got near, he was knocked out, and woke up in a cell. His career had begun.

You like?
Name: Vikro
Title: "The Doctor"
Gender: Male
Race:Jungle Troll
Age: 30

Appearance: Vikro is a hunched and skinny figure, he could be described as undernourished if you ever got to see him without his robes and mantle. He has a mohawk of white hair, and has painted his face to match said white hair. His skin is rather green for a jungle troll, but still within the normal range of blueish. His tusks are short, and point straight forward. He stands at 8 feet, rather tall for a troll, but is mostly hunched, which takes a good foot off of his actual height.

Gear: Vikro is always found adorned in some sort of ceremonial robe, and as with most trolls, he doesn't wear shoes, but ankle wraps. His particular ankle wraps are green, and he considers them lucky, his cloak is purple, hand stitched in Dalaran by some reckless mage of the Kirin Tor who threw it out. Vikro found the cloak being peddled off rather cheaply by a traveling Goblin merchant in Sen'jin village, and bought it immediately. He wears a thick mantle, to hide his small frame, it is adorned in the skulls of fallen demons, he found this particular mantle while wandering through the blasted lands. It was after this second powerful piece of attire found its way to him that he decided that his ankle wraps are lucky (they aren't, it's all in the hat). Finally, he found his hat while wandering the halls of the Scarlet Monastery, it was empty, corpses were everywhere and forsaken were happily strolling the halls, he found it sitting on top of a corpse in the Cathedral, and kept it, since it was the first hat he found that he could fit his hair in, unbeknownst to him, the hat is lucky. He wields a healer staff that was made in Outland. It's almost identical in looks to the staff used by Prophet Velen, but of far inferior craftsmanship. Almost as often as not it will short out and misdirect spells.

Backstory: Vikro grew up in Sen'jin Village, where he spent most of his days fishing and playing dice with other trolls, he almost always lost. He never contributed to village life, and didn't stand out in the crowd, he had no discernible skills and didn't stand out in the crowd. He was neither loved nor hated. Several days after his 19th birthday, he left the town for the first time in his life. The fishing was particularly bad that day, so he decided to wander south, to the bottom of the Durotar peninsula, where he figured the fishing would be better (for some reason or another).

On his way south, he witnessed the Village herbalist being attacked by some Scorpids, he didn't know what to do. He yelled for help but he was too far away for anyone to hear, and time was running out. He ran up and started kicking the nearest Scorpid, it turned around and tried stinging him in his ankle, but his "lucky" ankle wraps got it it's way, without thinking, Vikro channeled his fury into some sort of energy, he felt strange, and when he released this righteous fury, the Scorpid was dead, in a flash of holy light. He felt power in himself, and used it to dispatch the remaining Scorpid. Vikro felt the energy again, and unleashed it on the troll. It felt different this time, instead of slaying him, it closed his wounds, he skin returned to it's normal darkened color, from the paleness of death that was approaching him fast, and his breathing became less strained. Vikro did what he could to carry the Troll back to the Village, but the poison in his veins finished him before Vikro was even half way back.

The town witch doctor saw Vikro lay down the lifeless body of the Herbalist, and assumed the worst. He gather what guard he could, and led them to kill the murdered Vikro.

As Vikro waited for the help he saw moving towards him, he couldn't help but notice the way the brandished their spears and axes. When they arrived on him, it was to late. Vikro pleaded his case, but none listened. He was sentenced to execution, but before the axe fell down, there was a bang, and a flash of light.

When he awoke, he was in a cave somewhere in the Eastern Kingdoms, looking up at a Blood Elf rogue, her face shrouded. She told him that he could never return home, and that he was marked for death. That he should always keep moving, and trust nobody, especially trolls. He nodded, got up, and left the cave.

After that, Vikro wandered for years, slowly learning new things about priesthood. He taught himself everything he knows, and used/uses his skills for good whenever he can. As he wandered, he grew lonelier and lonelier, until he couldn't bear it. He took a trip down the the Stranglethorn Vale, where he was immediately captured by the first trolls he saw.

(Wow, I'm really sorry, this isn't brief at all, I got kinda caught up in creating this character's story. Sorry)

How he got there: Those trolls gave Vikro two options, die here, or die somewhere else. He chose to die somewhere else, and now here he sits, in the slave pits, awaiting his eventual execution.
Name: Aldiran Drax

Title: The Colossus

Race: Kaldorei

Gender: Male

Age: 379

Physical description: He has light blue skin, long white healthy hair, and two silver eyes. He is very muscular. It seems that this elf could probably rip someone in half with his bare hands if he really desired to. He stands unusually tall for a kaldorei, at 8'1 and weighs a lot more than average elves at about 340 pounds. He has no tattoos of any sort, yet scars cover his whole torso, also some covering his legs.

Weapons and Armor: Aldiran chooses to fight with the heaviest of plate armor around, he clinks everywhere he walks, he's meant to take hard hits and hit back even harder. He was a giant meat shield. He also had two giant black cleavers that were exceptionally sharp at every edge.

Brief History: Aldiran hadn't fought in any wars, yet he knows how to fight well due to Stormwind thugs and criminals attempting to rob him, he use to be gentle and caring, until his family was killed by pillagers. He then swore to take up arms and use heavy attacks to slaughter anyone for his fallen family members.

How did you end up in the pit: Since Aldiran was incredibly strong, he wasn't all that smart...he watched as three figures surrounded them, one hit him upside the head, yet he remained conscious, but angry. He then began to defend himself, so whenever one of the figures got near him, he'd attempt to punch them. Well, he got captured when a female approached him and began to seduce him. Aldiran wasn't the cautious type, so he let her seduce and trick him. He was found unconscious when she hit him in the back of the head hard, with a wooden chair. He woke up, holding his head and looked around. "Where am I?" He heard swords clashing and he looked around to see if he could see them. "I have a bad feeling about this place." He looked back and saw the bars of the cell he was in. He sighed and awaiting for something to happen soon.
((I have a question for you, Lia. I saw in the first part of the thread, you posted about the rogue and druid in the arena fighting the rhino. I was just curious since you were doing it, is there gonna be 1 on 1 fights with monsters where it's just you and/or 2 on 1 fights where a monster is so powerful, you'll need an ally to fight it? Just curious, either way works for me.))
is there gonna be 1 on 1 fights with monsters where it's just you and/or 2 on 1 fights where a monster is so powerful, you'll need an ally to fight it? Just curious, either way works for me.

Much as I don't be likin' the Kaldorei, I be needin' someone big and strong to help me fight. (if we should both get accepted) and I won't work with da Death Knights. They be bad mojo mon.
Dear me....

OK, let's see here.

Ith: Yes, your in

Allay: No worries, accepted.

Sun: Never nuff Hordies...not that it really matters anwyay :D. You're im

Grish: Long time no see, brothah!. You're in

Kuul: Mk, you're in.

Marri: Ooohh, I have been curious to see you're RP...Accepted.

Jera: You're in

Orph: Uuummm, I might decline. Something just doesnt sit right with me with your character. Sorry ><

Srdots: Decent. Accepted

Vik: I need you to just fix up you're sign up before I can accept you. I'll hold judgement till then
Lia, are we missing representatives of any races?
Aldiran....Now I know you and have seen you're character in game. Quite frankly, I don't exactly trust you so much as to let you into this thread. Sorry but it's a decline from me.

Moony, So far it's been Horde Alliance races. I don't really care about Alliance/Horde Balance just due to the fact it wont really matter seeing as everyone is gonna be in the same boat and is gonna have to get out by working togeather when the time comes.

It's completely up to you.

Also I don't think we are....I'm not sure. I'm gonna type up my sign ups and then will have to make time to go through everyone and make a list of what we got.
Okay, for now I'll do Kae. I may add Moonie later on.
Lia what about my question or did you miss it :P
Name: Kaenei Silverfur

Title: Nature’s Wrath

Race: Kaldorei

Gender: Female

Age: Late 20’s by Human standards

Physical description: ((Going from like the feet up for markings =p )) Around Kae’s left calf is a tattoo of a winding vine with a few leaves. In the middle of her strong back (from flying) is the mark of the Druids of the Talon in the same color as her feathers. Her war-markings on her face are typically referred to as “Bear.” They are a dark blue. Her eyes are normally silver, but when her more feral side takes over, they turn bright yellow to red. Despite her markings, her face is fair, even pretty. She is on the taller side, even for a Night Elf; she is toned from her time spent both flying and fighting.

Weapons and Armor: She wears the Stomrider’s armor, though the color is darker to match the color of her feathers in her Flight form, making it a dark blue-purple color. She only wears the armor when she’s in battle. When she’s in her cell, she wears a cloth top with long, loose sleeves; it is a light purple color. She wears a black pair of pants, also loose to her body, and no shoes.

For a weapon, she uses a black-blue metallic staff. On the bottom is an outstretched talon, the claws are a deep black. A black leather strip is crisscrossed up the staff. At the top, metallic blue wings open over a blue-green gem. It sparks occasionally when she casts certain spells.

Breif History: Kae hides her past. It was a dark time for her, and she seems almost afraid if confronted about it. She was faced with the fact that plagues all too many young elves: her parents were slain because of the War. She took up Druidism before they had died, studying under her Father’s wing (literally and metaphorically). For a time, she became nearly feral, but regained her humanity when she was called to the Emerald Dream the first time. She is only willing to talk about her past as long as it’s after her first visit to the Dream. After that, she spent almost as much time awake as she did in the Dream.

How did you end up in the pit: Kae had been transporting a message when she saw a wounded Human, or what looked like one. She landed, curious as to why the man had been left. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she realized her mistake. The man was a dummy, and she had landed right in a trap. She felt sudden pressure around her neck, and in seconds, her vision blacked out. Next she knew, she was laying on a bed in a cell.
Name:Coron Moonblade

Title: The Armoured Talon

Race: Kaldorei

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown. He has been around for a while though.

Physical discription: Coron stands at a proud 7'5 with a mane of dark blue hair and amber eyes. His skin is dark blue, his build is athletic but muscular, his handsom face always cleanly shaved. From ankle to neck, he is covered in tattoos, most of it a trible form of vines and leaves. Two or three of the most noticable ones would be the tattoo on the right side of his chest of a large crow, a large black roaring Nightsaber on his back made of shreded leaves, and then a black dragon tattoo that goes around his right eye, it's maw opened in a fierce but silent roar.

Weapons and Armor: Coron wears a full set of green Dreamweaver armour, covering him from head to toe. Instead of the chest piece being a robe, however, it's just a regular chest piece, revealing his leggings and large green leather boots to match his gear, this alows him to move more freely. His hood, when up over his head, only shows his two amber eyes and nothing else, hidden by the shadows of the helm. His weapon is a blue elementium scythe bareing the symbol of the Druids of the Talon.

Breif History: Nothing is exactly known about Coron, mostly because he doesn't talk about it nor does he really plan to unless he trusted someone with his life. One big event of his life, however, was the day the Legion came to Hyjal. He was a messenger and a fighter in that war, when not delievering messages to different strike groups, he would be fighting along side his family; his parents and older brother. It was only when they were retreating that an infernal landed near all three and killed them, Coron watching on with horror at the abrupt deaths of his family members. He now lives with his two younger sisters, who of which he cares for.

How did you end up in the pit: Coron is an alchemist. He was searching Feralas for a certain herb for a certain potion he was making. He had found it, and walked over to pick it. It looked odd, not like regular herbs that he had picked previously. Shrugging it off, he reached down to pick it, but noticed as he pulled it up, a thin string was attached to the stem. There was a click and a next was activated, lifting him into the air. Growling, he began to tear at the ropes that caught him, but before he could do anything more, he felt a light prick in his neck. Reaching up, he pulled out what seemed to be a dart, his vision becoming cloudy.

With a light swear, he fell unconcience, and thus, this is how he was captured and locked up to fight in the Blackflame Pit.

Moony accepted.

Sam, what question? I might have missed it.

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