Starting back up my Weekly ICC and Ulduar

Just as the title states. I stopped doing it for a while due to a schedule change, but that has cleared up and I will be doing both weekly Heroic ICC 25 and Heroic Ulduar 25 transmog runs.

Heroic ICC 25 - Thursdays 8pm server
Herioc Ulduar 25 + Algalon - Friday 8pm server

Both these raids will be run through so they will fill fast. These runs usually take no more then 1-2 hours depending. These are NOT Glory of the Icecrown Raider mount runs. Meaning we will not being going out of the way to get meta achievements. If they happen, they happen. This is to cut down on time. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, send me an in-game mail or just be online at those times as I will be in trade chat filling the group. Thanks!

*Frags and shards are reserved. Bloods are not.
Bump, starting invites for ICC in about 1 hour.
I would be willing to come along. Open roll on mounts?
Thanks to everyone who came to ICC. Ulduar will be Saturday at 8pm :)
Bump for Ulduar tommorow
Bump for Ulduar in a couple hours
^ for ICC tonight
H ICC 25 12/12 run tonight at 8 server.
Ulduar 25 Transmog run tonight at 8 server.
Ulduar has been moved from Saturday to Friday. Same time 8pm EST
Tonight H ICC 25 12/12 8pm server
Tonight Ulduar 25 Hardmode 8pm server
^ for ICC Thursday 8pm server
ICC in 1 hour
Up for Ulduar in 3 hours
^ ICC in 2 hours
Thanks to everyone that came to my runs throughout Cata. Had a great time and met some awesome people. I will be continuing my runs into MoP so be ready and lvl fast!

Thanks again everyone.

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