DPS DK LF Social/Casual Guild

I've re-activated my account recently and have been playing in wait for MoP. What I'm looking for is simple;I'm in need of a new guild, a guild that is somewhat social, not a whole ton but a little would be a bonus.

I'm able to raid any time from Sunday through Thursday after 5:30PM to until I'm no longer needed. My main raid focus is DPS, but I'm fine with changing between specs and builds from time to time.

If it would be possible, I'm looking for a somewhat mature guild. When I say mature, I mean ones ability to handle varying degrees of random cursing and vulgarities(Kidding, well...). Or maybe just, the average age closer to around 21.

i think that covers most of it.
Join us, check my forum post out and pst me in-game

Sounds like you might be a fit for Casually Hardcore. We're an adult guild, 21+, progression raid times are Tuesday & Wednesday from 8:30-Midnight PST. We're recruiting like-minded, competent adults for our 10m team in MoP. Check us out at www.casuallyhardcore-tor.jedinow.com
Midnight Paradox is always looking for poeple! We are a active guild that has 2 raid groups! Will be looking for new people to run in MoP!

http://midnightparadox.shivtr.com/ or find an officer online!

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