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Not trying to rain on the parade, but your looking for people who MUST attend raids, That technically isn't the definition of casual. But i do wish you luck in your recruiting, and heck its a free bump nonetheless.
I see what you are saying, for us though CONSISTENTLY doesn't = must. It's just our way of saying dear potential raider please don't be flaky. If you can't make a raid just let us know afew days in advance.
Dieo is correct. I didn't say must attend 100 percent of the time. Consistently just means people need to make an effort every week to make it. Casual=/= flaky.

Edit: In our current group, we've had people miss 2-3 weeks a time and it was okay as long as they let us know in advance. Also, if you've had excellent attendance and something comes up or you just don't feel like raiding that day (although for tact sake, I wouldn't put it in quite those terms) you can simply say you are unavailable and we would simply just try to find a sub. But as stated in the OP, due to the fact that we only raid 3 hours a week, we need people who want to make the most of those 3 hours, which includes showing up.
Hello. I am currently looking for a raiding guild come MoP. I have this Prot/Ret Pally a Frost DK a Marks/BM Hunter and I may be going Into Mistweaver(Healing) Monk as of mists.
We are pretty flexable atm your DK and Monk would both be nice to have. Poutt is normally on in the PM, if you can't catch him be sure to mail a note!
Hello. So I read your reply cause I couldnt sleep and forgot to check forums haha. It's great to hear that my DK is a choice for a change. He is sadly in a guild right now and would like to see how I raid with them and how it goes. BUT! There still is the chance that I will have a monk as of MoP that I may throw into progression raiding. This DK is still a very big part of my account but I would rather not mess around until nerfs for 1-2 heroic kills. Since t11 have tried to get in good progression raiding but I was late into recruiting and started falling in looking up fights. When Firelands hit I went to pvp. When I came back to PvE ppl were doing Heroic Rag kills and stuff so I just waited for awhile until Dragon Soul was released. Since then I have gotten 4/8HM DS on my pally I know 8/8HM fights from a frost dk(melee dps) PoV and have gotten more serious about progression raiding. I hope you consider bringing me in for your raids if you do decide you need my dk more than a monk heals.
Now is a great time to farm JP for lvling gear for all those new Monks!
Still looking for great people!
poutt is leet
Getting pumped for MOP!!
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Still looking
Still looking

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