405 8/8hm Death Knight LF MoP home.

Hello there, I am currently a 405 Unholy/Frost Death Knight looking for a stable PvE progression guild for the upcoming expansion.

I have completed Dragon Soul on heroic during early June, heroic Firelands directly afterwards and have endgame progression experience ranging from most patches of Wrath of the Lich King to Dragon Soul.

I am Australian-based, and am looking for a guild that raids around 7pm ST (AEST, GMT +10) onwards, 2-3 nights a week. My best days are Wednesdays-Thursdays and Sundays/Mondays.

I am equally proficient in all three specs, however I prefer Unholy DPS.
I may be willing to server or faction transfer in order to find a suitable guild.

If you have any questions feel free to mail me in game.
Thank you in advance (:
come b my friend
I love you forevir Splitz.
Bump. Still looking for a home for MoP!

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