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I'm currently looking to join preferably a 10 (Can work out 25) man guild for the remainder of Cata/rest of MoP, that is 8/8h and runs any days from Thursday to Sunday.

Previous raid experiences include every raid up to Mu'ru in Sunwell pre-nerf back in BC, skipping WotLK, and brushing 7/8h in Cata.

If the situation presents itself, I am willing to re-roll a monk. Thanks in advance.
Hello Kulmanus,

Any chance you would be able to raid Wednesday? If so; then, I think Castle Bravo would perfect for you. Castle Bravo is a 10m raiding group from horde Eredar that is currently 8/8hm. We are currently looking for a Strong Priest/Druid Healer/any exceptional range dps for a core raiding spot. Our times are Wednesday/Thursday 715-11EST. Other than that were a group of people who are mostly 21 and plus that have fun while killing pixel. If you like to talk to me more hit me up on real ID

Real ID

<TFA> is the leading progression guild on the US - Bronzebeard server, and we're looking for a couple excellent players to balance out our raids. We have a strong core of players and a friendly environment, but at the same time we're very progression-focused. We're exclusively 10-man and plan to stay that way. We are in the market for a few exceptional raider. Instead of telling you exactly what we want, I'll list the classes/specs that we're not interested in. This is for a core position. You will be raiding 8/8 heroic as soon as you transfer, not riding the bench.

Important note: our distinguishing feature is our small roster. We like to run a roster of 10-11. If you want a guild with a nice bench / backups, we're not for you.
Also important is our relatively (with respect to our ranking) relaxed attitude towards the game. We are proud of everything we've accomplished in Cataclysm, but we're here to have fun first and foremost. If you touch yourself to Blood Legion kill videos, then don't bother applying.

Guild Name - The Feral Aggressors
Website - tfa-guild.info (all applications are private)
Raid Days/Times - Sun-Wed 8-11pm PST
Contact Naihan (Naihan's alts: Kilzaga, Aidra, Klaes) or Broodax for more info. The best way is my Real ID below.
Naihan's Real ID: nma08@my.fsu.edu

Recruitment Needs:
Mostly ranged DPS and 1 healer that meets the below criteria:
We are looking at all applications EXCEPT the following: Holy Paladin, Healing Priest, Hunter, Rogue, Prot Warrior, Blood DK.

Current Raid Progression:
Finished Cataclysm ranked #89 US 10-man
8/8 H Dragon Soul (Realm First! Deathwing, kill date: 2/28/12)
7/7 H Firelands
13/13 H tier-11
Earned every Cataclysm raid achievement, ranked US #31 for achievements (10+25 combined) on Guildox.

What we require from our raiders:
- Respect for your fellow raiders and raid officers.
- Exceptional understanding of your spec.
- Consistency in raid attendance and performance.
- Damn near 100% attendance. (Nothing other than REALLY important stuff. RL happens, but we have a very small roster)
- Outstanding situational awareness.
- Ability to take constructive criticism and consider suggestions.
- Full understanding of all raid strategies.
- Attending raid prepared with reagents + consumables. We provide as much consumables as we can, but you should always have your own.
- Participate in the PTR raids during normal raid times.

Loot System: Loot Council, we are very fair when it comes to loots with the principal rule being gearing up people at the same rate.

Please do not hesitate to apply or talk to an officer in game for more information.

While we are not currently actively searching for anything other than the above classes, if you believe you are an exceptional player of your particular class and spec, don’t be afraid to apply. We always are looking to update our roster with the best players available.
Isn't it great when a new expansion makes the game exciting again?

Limitless Possibilities would love the chance to talk with you. We run an active and close-knit 10 man, 8/8h and looking to hit the ground running in Pandas. We recently lost our mage/resto shaman to a top 100 guild and have a core spot waiting for the right player. With your schedule interests, and your interest in a possible monk, there's an excellent chance that we will be a good fit with one another. Take a look at our website, www.limitless.guildlaunch.com and feel free to add our gm on real id. His info is in our spam below. Also, if you wanted to make a lvl 1 and whisper one of us we should have officers on all day. Hope to talk to you soon!

<Limitless Possibilities> is a raiding guild on Echo Isles. We raid Friday-Sunday 6-9 PST (9-12 EST) We are 8/8h and pushing for Realm First in MoP. Please take 3 minutes to read our post. Thanks, and have an extraordinary day.


gm's real id- tommyc06wow@hotmail.com
Heya! How do you feel about weekend raiding? Our 10m will run 11am-3pm EST (8am-12pm PST) Saturday and Sunday. If that's something you can work with, or if you're interested in an additional competitive raid group apart from your weekday gaming responsibilities, we are in the process of forming a very competitive group aiming for US top-200 kills.

If our goals of focused progression in a professional atmosphere line up with yours, feel free to follow the links provided below for our guild recruitment spam, our website, or to simply email me directly with any questions you may have.


tworedeyes@ymail.com (not RealID)
Your attitude towards progression and what the game requires is exciting, and we hope to hear from you soon.

<Limitless Possibilities> is a raiding guild on Echo Isles. We raid Friday-Sunday 6-9 PST (9-12 EST) We are 8/8h and pushing for Realm First in MoP. Please take 3 minutes to read our post. Thanks, and have an extraordinary day.


gm's real id- tommyc06wow@hotmail.com

can have you raiding tonight starting at heroic spine
<Game Over> is an alliance guild on a medium pop pvp server called Eredar (EST).We're 8/8 DS H25 currently looking for people for hardcore progression in MOP. Although the guild has a 25m group, we're looking for skilled and hardcore raiders for a 10m group for competitive progression starting MOP.

About us:

We currently raid 2 days a week tue/thurs 7:30-12:00 EST as we were fairly casual in cata. We are looking to go hardcore in MOP and are looking for people who would be willing to raid 7 days/week after 8 pm EST to go for realm first and world achievements in the first few weeks of progression. After which we will pick a day that works for everyone to farm content. Loot will be distributed by a loot council designed to fuel progression and reward players who are solid raiders.

About you:

Hardcore raider who thoroughly enjoys the PVE aspect of the game. Someone who knows how to play their class well and knows how to min/max. Someone who not only knows his role but also understands other classes and roles in a fight. Someone who has already been testing raids in Beta. Someone who has geared alts that they can play just as well as their main. Also we need someone that gets along with everyone and keeps their cool even in tough situations and acts maturely.

Current needs:

Druid (heals with dps/tank OS)
Paladin (heals with dps/tank OS)
DK (Tank with dps OS)Warrior (dps with tank OS)
Shaman (heals with dps OS)
We are also highly seeking players who have geared toons that are interesting in rolling monks (tanks and healers especially) for MoP. Raid testing currently shows them to be a highly desired class for MoP. However you will need to have a toon that you can raid with until you are done levelling the Monk. We don't expect you to have the monk ready for the first week of progression.

Questions? Comments? Contact me directly using RealID at nadir1011@hotmail.com or in-game at Hurariah.
Hi there!

I need a mage! We are open to RDPS monk re-rolls, but we need them to be raid ready by Oct 2.

I don't have any core spots open for DS - (there is some DS raid opportunity as people are on vacation before summer ends) - but I will have core spots in MoP. We are actively recruiting for PvP players as well. We are an all adult guild with good raid progression. We work as a team in everything we do - PvP, achievements, mount runs and more.

My recruit spam: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/5911884275
If you have questions, want to learn more about us, contact us and apply at our website: http://the-wolfpack.guildzilla.com

Sorry, i don't do realID
<Virus> Horde 10m - Silvermoon

Looking for a mage for our 10 man group. We raid Friday and Saturday 6pm-9pm PST. Currently 8/8H. If you would like more info you can add my real id; sarah_hopper@live.com
Impulse’s main focus is a casual/progressive raiding guild that aims to provide a friendly, helpful, and patient environment for raiders interested in progressing through end-game content. We believe in “people before purples”, and would rather train good people to become better players than tolerate the company of unpleasant people just to get epic gear.

Below is some information on our guild:

Website: http://zuljinsimpulse.enjin.com

Raid Schedule:
Monday: 6:30pm-9:30pm Server (10man Alt runs)
Tuesday: 6:30pm-9:30pm Server (Old Content Run, Metas ect..)
Wednesday: 6:30pm-9:30pm Server (Main Raid Nights)
Thursday: 6:30pm-9:30pm Server (Main Raid Nights)

(Server Time is EST)

Currently in the process of starting a 2nd 10man team as we prepare for MoP.

Core Spots Open:

Team 1:

Team 2:
Shaman - Ele w/ Resto Offset
Resto Druid

We are looking for the players that want and know how to raid. This includes but not limited to knowing when the fire is on you or when you're being targeted by boss ability. If you're looking to raid with us, please be aware we're not looking for a PuG level of player. We're seeking those who desire to improve and see content. So please when inquiring about <Impulse>, know that we're not just looking at your armory, we're looking at every aspect we can. We will not waste your time so please don't waste ours.

You can Apply at our Website or PST myself or one of the officers in game for more info.

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