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Guild Recruitment
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<Chain Reaction> has been around since server launch on Area 52 Horde. In Burning Crusade, all content was downed including Illidan with some ventures into Sunwell. During Wrath we stepped up our game and consistently maintained a top 10 ranking as a 25 man guild. Like so many, at the end of Wrath of the Lich King, it was decided that the headaches of 25 man raiding were more than we wanted to put up with. With Cataclysm's lauch, Chain Reaction was reborn as a 10-man guild. During Cataclysm, bosses rapidly fell before the might of Chain Reaction.

Many of CR's raiders come from a hardcore raiding background with some having been in US top-100 guilds while others have been guild/raid/class leaders. We all have that itch for progression, so we take our raid time seriously. We want to clear all content that Blizzard throws at us while it is current and have a good time doing it. Aside from that, we're probably one of the more mature and relaxed guilds out there. We are looking for other like-minded progression-oriented individuals who, like us, are limited to raiding only a couple of times a week, but still want to make the most of the time that is available.

Tuesday, 7:30-11:30pm EST
Thursday, 7:30-11:30pm EST
Sunday (optional clean up) 1:00-4:00pm EST

Current Progression
Teir 14: 11/16 Heroic
Teir 15: 12/12 Normal, starting heroics!

We are generally quite laid-back and don't expect perfection. We do, however, expect you to know your class, know the fights, and to be able to commit to our minimal raid schedule. We do not recruit for bench or back up spots and keep our roster small. This means all applicants and raiders are expected to have a high attendance rate. We log all progression fights and often fraps them as well. Raiders are encouraged to use these resources to evaluate their own performances.

Outside of raids, we expect our members to conduct themselves as adults and remember their conduct reflects on the entire guild.

Loot system:
Need before greed.

We are a tight-knit 10 man raiding guild, therefore we have no need for a complex loot system. As such, we ask that raiders play nice and share the loot love.

Voice chat:
We have made the move from Vent to Mumble. Although we do have a limited space Vent server available for interviews, if you are accepted for trial please have Mumble installed and configured before your first raid.

Recruiting for Mists of Pandaria:
We keep our roster small, so openings are for full time raid spots. Competent off-specs a plus.

We have ONE opening for the following (listed in order of preference):

-Guardian Druid
-Discipline Priest (with shadow off-spec)
-Protection Warrior
-Brewmaster Monk

If you have questions about our raids, guild environment or anything, please contact a member. He or she will point you in the right direction. You can also contact Ghoulie (aiber#1234) or Krysann (krysann#1443).

Application Process:

Go to www.chainreactionguild.org and follow the link. All applications are private. Only guild members and the original applicant are able to view the application. We will normally try to contact you in-game within 1-2 days regarding your application.
Good morning guild searchers!
Mondays ick. Good time to make a change!
Halfway through the week. We would love to hear from a mage. Let us eat cake!
Its Friday! Time to relax, break open your drink of choice and submit those applications.
Are you guys willing to help with transferr?
Sorry Ahero, paid transfers are not something we offer. Good luck in your search.

And happy weekend guild searchers!
The weekend is almost over. Hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.
Time for me to chime in!
Well about time Mr. Lazy Pants put in his two cents. (He isn't really lazy and I am not sure he wears pants.)
Good morning guild searchers! Hope you have had your coffee this morning.
Pants are more of a suggestion than a requirement.. and def recommended over pj's...
How dare you imply that my Eeyore pj pants are anything less than awesome.
It's a good thing you're already married hun..
5.0.4 is here. Are you really in the guild you want to be? Are you looking for a new home to share in your joys and frustrations with broken add-ons and server lag? Are you just looking for cookies? Apply today!
Gogo mage and dk!
*Pulls out a slice of cake*

Hi, I'm looking for a MoP Progression guild, I have little raiding experience prior too LFR DS. I am experienced with my role and despite all of the recent changes I have picked up quite quickly. I would be willing to role an alt of any type including a monk of sorts.

Regardless of my history, 410 gear isn't going to matter when Mists gets released anyway so working on gearing me up isn't really going to be an issue. I'm fully capable of being ready for raiding within the first week of Mists as well.

Edit: finished app on site.
Thanks Aessuri but we are really looking for someone with more experience raiding. There are plenty of non-heroic guilds out there that you could get a start out on. Good luck!
A three day weekend is almost here. Besides filling out applications, what are you all doing?
It's no use being friendly... I'm going to try being a bastard. Applicants want a man to take charge and give em a good thrashing now and again.

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