[H]<Chain Reaction>12/12 LF Druid or Priest

Guild Recruitment
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How about a non-bump for 12.5 hour work days? Thankfully its the weekend! Bring on the weekend.
WTB a healer or tank!
^ Offering cookies made of Warlock tears, long walks on the beach, Chianti, Purples, Feasts with the FDA required minimal amount of Panda/Tauren fur, and the best group of people on Area 52!
Seriously, there is never any fur in our feasts. We are very careful about that. Aiber gets waxed weekly and I hear Wol just went for lazer hair removal.
Gross Krys.

Looking one or two smooth princes to slay internet dragons with us!
WTB a holy pally.
Bleh Monday.
Boomkins/rogues/holy pallys represent! Just need a few good men!
And Mondays are good for me, idk about the rest of you!
Mondays should be outlawed.
Forums finally back up!
Bump for waiting in queues. Not really, but its something to do
5.2: Return of the Queues
5.2: The Throne of Queues
5.2: Queueing Thunder.

God I am bad at this.
Morning guys! Gogo holy pally
WTB Holy paladin!
Pre-raid bump!

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