[H]<Chain Reaction>12/12 LF Druid or Priest

Guild Recruitment
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Ghoulie you are a bad actor. Put on some pants.
Don't let the mean warlock scare you. Would love to have a mage to show him who is really in charge.
But but..... yes mistress krys.
Now that I have cleaned the coffee off my monitor, apps! We need more. DK's, Mages, bring your pets to our party!
Would love to see some quality apps. Only 21 days til Mists!
To the top!
Edited raid times to accommodate our west coast raiders.
You can contact me in game about apps with BattleTag: Aiber#1234
Bump for some DK lovin'
Back up you go.
Edited recruitment needs. Would love to hear from an amazing DK!
Happy Sunday morning. Only 16 days til launch. Are you in the guild you want to spend another expansion in?
Needs some more bumpin in the night
and bumping in the morning.

Oh Oh, we should do mumble sing-a-longs!
LOL.. needs moar DK
Free waffles for anyone who wants to roll DK!
ZOMG Waffles?! I want waffles! Or pancakes. Red velvet pancakes.
You seem to have a fixation with anything red velvet... maybe you were an Hollywood actress in another life
Maybe. Couldn't you just totally picture me as a 40's era starlet? Well until the entire talking thing starts. :P
Oh glorious day. Friday is here. 10 days to launch!

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