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Guild Recruitment
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Yep.. I could see you doing this.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIcC8YJrevQ
Ahaha, except I am waaay cuter than Gloria Swanson and much saner than Norma Desmond thank you very much.
Ahh, weekends. The perfect time to find a new guild home. Only 9 days left!
Starting to get excited for MoP!
I figured I'd pop in for a brief moment.
Here's for another one.
Hello! I am transferring/faction switching hopefully within the next couple of days. Right now I am a protection paladin, but am willing to change to whatever you would need me to be. I'm always on time, and I always want to progress, and I am a quick learner! Please let me know what I should do as soon as you possibly can :) Thank you.
Yakkie we have responded to your application and do thank you for your interest. At this time we just don't have a spot for another paladin. Good luck in your search and enjoy Area 52!
Only 8 days til I can finally stop running circles around Org (maybe).
LOL.. WTB something new to do come on blizz
Did the Theramore scenario, back to running circles!
Almost finished maxxing Archeology on my second character! Woohoo.
Hello i was intersted in your post. Im a exp blood and frost dk looking for a guild for mop. I really didnt raid during ds but in fl i was 4/7hm then real life started. My main problem is i cant ever find a good guild with good players. Let me know if you guys are intersted. I also have a geared mage kenage and a rouge kensu.
Kendros, drop us an app and we would be happy to take a look at it.
Good morning guild seekers!
Like Krys said, its much better if you guys fill an app rather than drop a line in this thread.
Oh where are all the DKs?
Early mornin bump!
Early evening send up!
3 Days left!

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