[H]<Chain Reaction>12/12 LF Druid or Priest

Guild Recruitment
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I guess we should open warrior for prot+dps also
Oh, is Task not running with us anymore? A shame.
Silly boy got a promotion and is scaling back for a few months.
There is no logical reason to be up this early but its ok, I have coffee.
Kids.. what were you thinking
Just 2 days to go until the leveling grind begins!
So I went to IHOP tonight for pumpkin spice pancakes. What did the rest of you do for dinner?
I went and played Magic: The Gathering with a couple guys from my dad's work (I'm still not very good, they owned me) and had pizza. It was fun.
Its almost here!
That sounds like fun Flaire! /jealous!
Less than 2 days til we can stop running circles around Org.
i cant wait for MoP, need something to do!!!
26 hours until MoP release!
Less than a day, lets go
ZOMG 17 hours! And I have to spend 9 of it at work. Arg.
14 hours to go! Also: Atheius, when did you become a goblin?
I become a goblin about maybe 3 hours ago or so, actually probably more like 4 or so hours ago :]

Goblin > Blood Elf
6 hours people!
While you may be wiping endlessly to the Load Screen Boss, now is the perfect time to check us out. I can promise you a zero load screen format, with a smooth transition to the application. Visit now for a truly Load Screen free experience.

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