[A] US#6 WTS H RAG/Pureblood (LAST CHANCE!)

Midwinter of Ysera ALLIANCE wants to sell Ragnaros mounts while we still can! US#1 Alliance guild! All our runs are professional and quick! We have been selling runs for MONTHS NOW!

We try and keep a fairly open schedule to help accommodate your needs! Our typical runs are scheduled Weekday evenings (after 5pm pst) and we are possibly able to schedule runs on the weekends!

We can accept Gold / TCG mounts / Valuable items on YSERA or SARGERAS !!

Firelands 7/7h + any gear + Pureblood firehawk + Firelord Title = 150k

"I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am" = 300k

As well as T11

"Dragonslayer" Title (from sinestra) = 75k
"Blackwing's Bane" Title (From H Nefarian) = 75k
"Of the Four Winds" Title (From Heroic Ala'kir) = 75k

As well as FULL Glory Runs!
Been on the beta all day, so i haven't checked my real-id. Hit me up and i'll get back to you after beta testing!
Filled up for this Week!

Still have availability for Tuesday 14th - Monday 20th!

Get in while you still can!
how much are you charging for heroic rag + mount?
booked for the next week. But looking for people after that! Thanks
booked for this week. But looking for people after that! Thanks
Last couple weeks to get it! I just had a spot open up for this weekend!!!
Interested, sent you a realid request.

For those wondering, the drop rate of these mounts [Ragnaros and Heroic Deathwing] will be reduced.
Have an open spot for next week! contact me!
still have 1 spot for next week!
booked for the rest of this week (raid lockout) have 1 spot open for next week (raid lockout)
Looking for someone for ICHYOTSOHAIA achievement!
still have a few openings before mop!
still have a few openings before mop!
08/26/2012 05:53 PMPosted by Timothytebow
still have a few openings before mop!
you guys selling heroic DW mount? if so price?

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