Three Experienced Raiders Looking for a Home


After taking a break from WoW during cataclysm, we have returned and are looking for a guild to raid with in MoP. While we prefer 25man content, we are willing to discuss joining a 10man guild as well. Our group consists of...

One Protection Paladin
One Holy/Disc Priest
One DPS Warrior
Possibly an elemental shaman

The warrior and myself (the priest) were part of Bad Mojo and gained a number of server firsts (including world 25th Immortal). We wish to continue this kind of dedication to good. solid raidingand can assure any guild we choose to join that we will be core raiders, prepared and ready to clear content.

What we are looking for...
I suppose it is better to start with what we are not looking for. We don't want to be bench warmers. We have years of experience in raiding in a variety of MMO's. We have no problem working for a raid spot, but we expect to be given a chance to be part of the core raid group. So if you are just trying to bolster your ranks then I am afraid we will not be a good fit for you. If you are looking for good, responsible, competent players for you MoP raid force then we would like to speak with you.

Please feel free to send me a tell in game or speak with Sabnach or Klubberlang at any time.

Thank you for your time!
LoE is always recruiting exceptional raiders. With that being said, we are heavy on melee and full on tanks. I would encourage you to submit an application anyway and you can find our recruitment thread further down on the Garona forum.
WB Bad Mojo peeps. Ran with you peeps back in BC some. Hope the stalker guy from Bad Mojo is not coming back to Garona. Creeps me out! :) But your guys were awsome back then.
We are working towards having two heroic focus'd 10 man's in MoP, we raid a much shorter schedule though than you may be use to.
The StrongArm Alchemists are looking for raiders for MoP while we are a very new guild, we have a few experienced raiders looking for more for our core team.
Hello, heard you were trying to get in touch with some of us yesterday.
If you are online during the daytime hours. The officers of Coalition are in our website chat room during business hours each day.
Register then click chat at the top of the page.
Feel free to stop by anytime and we can answer any questions regarding us you may have. Look forward to hearing from you.

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