[A/H] LF a Recruit-a-Friend partner.

Still looking for someone who wants to make an account and do Recruit-a-Friend with me!
I'm on lots and will level characters with you.
Reply here or message me in-game.(:

I'll pay 5k to whoever wants to. Mail Madebyangels in-game for more details.
give me 50k gold and u got yourself a deal
08/14/2012 03:23 PMPosted by Bazinater

Me being happy. :) also.. Faster leveling?
08/14/2012 03:53 PMPosted by Sephyxia
give me 50k gold and u got yourself a deal

Hey 5k is pretty good for not doing too muchhh.. :)
what ya mean? your doing absolutely nothing and getting 3x the benefits! a mount, a free month, another lvl 80 or 2, and depending on how many u level, 40-80 granted levels! 5k is a absolute slap in the face. i would never go below 50k
No offense but its a lot of money to just start a new account. You gotta buy the game and all that 5k doesn't sound too enticing
Find anyone for this yet?
still need someone?

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