[A] <Memento> 8/8HM LFM DS25, DS10, PvP & MoP

Memento was formed near the end of Cata by a group of veteran gamers from world top guilds. All leadership is experienced in multiple world first kills both in WoW and other MMO's. We pride ourselves in having a very successful PvE -and- PvP community. Recruitment is open for exceptional players of any class.


Currently we are running four 8/8HM DS clears weekly - one 25 man and three 10 mans. We have positions open in various raids and love alts!

Below is our current raid schedule, each raid raids 1 day a week - so every night is a different raid team. Raids are scheduled to go until midnight but most finish well before then.

Tue 7PM-12AM = 8/8HM DS25
Wed 8PM-12AM = 8/8HM DS10
Thur 8PM-12AM = 8/8HM DS10
Fri 8PM-12AM = 8/8HM DS10


Our RBG team runs 7PM on Sat & Sun, as well as random times during the week. Our teams are lead by Rank 1 Multiglads, with 2800+ RBG ratings.


Our 5 day raid schedule for MoP will be 7PM-12AM Sun-Thur for the 25 man progression team. 10 man semi-hardcore and casual teams will be running simultaneously.

Please visit Mementoguild.us for more information & to apply!
I'd like to toss my hat into the ring. 401 Rogue 5/8 HM DS atm. Would there be room for me in any of the DS10 groups?
Please message an officer in-game or on our website if you have any questions :)
Still recruiting quality players for MOP!
LFM for MoP!

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