LFM for current content but mostly MoP

Hey all,
Strangely Ironic is looking for some new faces!! We are searching for Raiders, fill-ins, and casual players to enjoy socially. We are a level 25 guild so you get all the perks, but we are also laid back and enjoy the game for what it is, so no elitist attitudes welcome, sorry. We have been around since Vanilla, so no need to worry about the guild dissolving.

We want you to come join in the fun and chat it up with us in GChat! We never require raiding, and no one is looked down upon for not raiding. Most of our guild is made up of non-raiders. We have transmog pros, PvPers, Achievement fiends, altoholics, the list goes on. We are all about the people instead of the game. A lot of people in the guild consider others friends rather than game mates.

A few perks of SI:

  • Level 25 perks
  • Guild Repairs
  • Five bank tabs open for everyone
  • Free crafting from guildies if you have the mats
  • Experience from every class and role to help you learn your characters
  • Guild Forums to keep up on news, info, and to banter with others while not in game
  • best of all: friends.

For Raiders:
Our Progression team runs Fri/Sat at 1800 Server Time and is currently 4/8. Since MoP is coming out so soon now, we are just looking to get as far thru the content as possible so anyone willing to partake is welcome. This team will still be going once MoP comes out. The first ten to get to 90 and capable of raiding are part of the team.

We also will be running a team on Sundays at 1800 when we have enough to accommodate this team, so the more available the merrier.

We also plan to eventually have a second progression team and/or 25 man team on Tu/Thu depending on what they release MoP with in reference to lockouts. So people interested in that run please apply as well.

While we are LGBT friendly, we do not tolerate using the guild as a dating service. We don't judge people for their personal lives, we are in WoW to play a game together and that has no bearing on race, sex, orientation, etc. If you just want a place that doesn't harass you for being LGBT, then check us out. If you like to flaunt your sexual orientation, look elsewhere.

For more details on our guild and how we run things visit http://strangelyironic.freeforums.org. Drop an app or contact me in game if interested. :D Hope to see you around!!

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