Reapers of Chaos is Recruiting!

Now recruiting All classes n specs till i think we are set.

We raid Mon/Tues/Thurs 6:45-10PM.
Also i'd like to do PVP alot! But will not force the guild to do so.

We have been a guild for 9 years now, SWG,WAR,WoW,SWTOR. So we are a tight bunch of guys that just like to mess stuff up and have fun.

Also if you don't have a sense of humor do NOT apply..

We have a guild website and use Mumble. Currently 16/16 3/16 HM and 2/12 ToT

Looking for...
- Resto Shaman
- Holy Paladin
- Frost DK
- Enh Shaman
- Ele Shaman
- Any Spec Mage ( High Priority )
- WW Monk

Any questions please contact Chryseis,Tyranuus, Exceptional,Kritss,

Thank you!
I joined you guys this evening, so far seems like a nice bunch of folks :)
Glad to have you aboard Ixica!
Aww come on guys! I know you want to have fun! :)
I'm sorry I haven't been around this week, I have a pretty busy work schedule so I mostly play on the weekends. :)

See ya this weekend!
Our Raid times have changed. We are raiding Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 645 to 10. We are also recruiting for another raid group that would raid Weds. and possibly another day that yet is to be determined. If you are a smaller guild and would like to merge with ours send me a message so we can talk. We also have been interested in doing 25 mans, but need to do some further recruiting to go that route. Visits us at
Back up!

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