LF 25m progression raiding guild

Hey I'm looking to join a hardcore 25m heroic progression raiding guild, I have all classes 85 and willing to play all of them except my rogue, I hate him.
Let me know if you know any 25m guilds recruiting or if you are one! Sweet!!!!!!!
Hey there!
A site that I am using to help me find a guild is wowprogress.com
Cheers mate^^
If you have the right skill and gear and ...etc etc try None combat pets
Radarlove, if you are looking for a hardcore 25m guild, and are willing to transfer, I can have you meet with the recruitment officer here to talk about a spot, were looking mostly for people not on the vanq token, so spriest and ele shamans most. if your interested just whisper me in-game, send me a letter if im not on, or just leave something here and i'll get back to you.
Dishonor Elite is currently recruiting all classes for MoP with heavy emphasis on ranged dps and healing classes.

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