Alchemy: Transmute Specialization

For the new alchemy transmute specialization quests, do i have to xmute for the quest or can I just make the bars and then complete the quest? I'm currently have elixir master and would like to use it until i have all the mats for xmute.
not sure about the new one, but the old one was just turn in 4 primal mights. You didnt even have to transmute them yourself. Just turn them in.

I assume the same is true here, unless it specifically says Transmute Truegold x 4 or whatever the requirement is.
you can buy the bars if you want.
I would do it before the pre-launch however. Heard a rumor that there would be a new set of quests in Mists, which like the ink trader in Dalaran, could go live in 5.04 even without the mats being in the game yet.
And as of last night I still needed truegold for the transmutation specialization. Had the final two bars made for my alchemist today and went to turn in and now can't because I have to wait for MOP to be released, someone to level their alchemy to 600 and learn the new Live Steel Transmute and now have to collect all new mats. Not very happy. Stupid programmers. We shouldn't have to meet MOP requirements prior to the release, especially if we already had the quest prior to the patch.
I too have this issue. VERY annoying.

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