Ram's DS10 PUG Runs

Hey Turalyon Raiders,

I'm going to be starting up a consistent raid group for my paladin. All I ask is that you know/have achievs for all current normal modes. Alt toons are welcomed as long as their gear is up to par for DS content. I am currently looking for 1 healer and uber deeps to complete this group. You are welcome to post here or contact me in game. Raid invites will go out at noon server time on Sundays. We will pull trash no later than 12:30pm and raid time ends no later then 3:00pm server time. Depending on the raid comp we will be pushing HM. In addition, I will run this consistent group into MOP. Thanks in advance for taking the time for reading this post.
I've got a h pally that could run with you at that time (mcluvan) or a disc priest (davegrohl). We also have a ret pally who is around 401 ilvl who may be interested. Pst pst me in game (or on mcluvan) if you are interested. We would be interested as long as HMs are involved.

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