WTB h tier shoulders and legs 30k

i want to buy heroic tier shoulders and legs for hunters and ill give one lucky person 30k for the acquisition of these rare objects found in dragon soul. whisper me in game im a really good hunter (possibly) i have a 394 full PvE set with 4 set bonus. Ill post in this thread when somebody acquire me these artifacts or if i get locked out of the Dragons Soul.

WARNING: this is not a troll. Believe me ill show u the gold. (also if u think 30k isn't a lot I think your cool).
08/14/2012 05:31 PMPosted by Bâlls
or the acquisition of these rare objects found in dragon soul

You and I have different definitions of Rare.

We've sharded sooooooo many protector tokens ;_;
I am willing to pay you gold pieces ! why dont you invite me on your run?
Demo, I like gold.
Still buying
I'll talk to Demo about me sitting on those bosses for you tomorrow.
Not a guarantee but it'd be gold for the raid if he says yes and we'd have a spot in my place.
what time?
It'd be 6:30pm if he lets me sit for you.
Again - No promises. I'm still new to the guild so I have no idea if we actually do allow sales or not.

We drop Morechok and Zon'ozz

Clear to yorsajh and summon you

5k entry fee upon zone in(before the bosses are pulled)

10k per token should they drop.

You save 5k if they drop in the first week. If neither drops we have a small payment for our time. This offer extends as many weeks as you want.

In the event you get one token but not both, I'll drop the entry fee to 2.5k for subsequent weeks since you'll only need one boss.
i work ze magiks
Will you guys carry azatwo to get savior. Ady said I can have her spot. /love
Newmage- make your own !@#$ing thread.

Schwert and Demolition - I'm loggin on now
i've played with some of the people you're wanting to carry you for over 4 years. lighten up francis.
Grats on your first piece!
lol sorry newmage idk why i was being a *@!@ but i didnt mean it. also thanks got both pieces

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