Icy-Veins semi-guide for sub rogues in MoP

I read this piece of info in the icy-veins guide for subtlety rogues in MoP:

"The only major glyph that has an incidence on your DPS will be Glyph of Vanish because it increases the duration of Vanish."

By reading the tool-tip of what Vanish does, I was not able to figure out how is that glyph going to be an increase in dps. Maybe too many equations and science in my head at the moment make me blind to roguish affairs.

If someone can be able to explain, whether or not that statement about the glyph of vanish is true, I would be very grateful.

I think its for PVP, in the sense that you stay in improved stealth for longer.
But it doesn't increase dps. In fact being in stealth you do no DPS, so it decreases it. And in both PvE and PvP there are other major glyphs that increase damage. Wait, isn't vanish minor anyway?

Edit: No it is major but still point is Icy Veins are clearly noobs.

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