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Need people interested. If everyone is above 390 ilvl we only need 15-20 people.

Shards arent reserved.

We will be doing normal mode and doing achieves like portal jockey and all you can eat (all of those)

Wont be doing heroic

The infusion quests will be done by one of the members coming already so if you seek to do them you wont be able to.

Reply in this thread or send me an ingame.

Will aim for cross server incase some dont show, we have a better chance of filling the gaps.

Thanks, enri
Hey mate, what time you looking at doing this? Also, has anyone put their name down to reserve the bloods for the first part of the quest? If not, count me in, tank or dps, whatever you need :)
Probably around 7-8 PM and nope no one has asked to reserve the bloods.

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