(A) Prot War /w DPS OS LF MOP Wknd Raid Guild

I have been raiding since Vanilla, completing the majority of raiding content. I am looking for a guild that plans to raid on weekends (Fri night anytime through Sun night) when the expansion comes out. I am a Warrior with a primary Prot spec and DPS offspec. My character name is Vashe.

I have no issues using Vent, Mumble, or even Team Speak. I come to all raids prepared with Spec, Gear, consumables, & have read up on strategies.

I am looking for a guild that is laid back yet serious about completing the high end content. I take constructive advice quite well. I don't however work well with leaders that are lacking in effective leadership traits ( ie like to yell just to yell).

If you have interest please send me either an in game tell or email works as well.

Thank you for your consideration.

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