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I remember 2 years ago or so, there use to be people from different servers and in the same battlegroup that would come asking people to join vent and que'ing up to do a group pvp in battlegrounds. I was wondering if this was still active here?

They would get people to log on vent, and had leaders and if they were full they had people que up till they get their turn. They use to have a website, does anyone remember this? Or am i thinking of a different server :S
I think you are thinking of Cross Realm QQ or something like that. I believe I saw some a few months back, but not sure if they are still active.
They have this now:

Go there, register and verify your character. You will have an option to enable cross realm raids by entering your real ID e-mail. Sign up for a raid and the leader will send out invites via Real ID.

They have Raids and Premade battlegrounds, its quite splendid really.

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