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<Bloodspiral> (lvl 25) is made up of mature adults who play the game for friends, fun, and to blow off steam at the end of a long work day. We aren't -- nor do we want to be -- on the cutting edge of progression, but we do get things done on a two night (~6 hours/week) schedule and have fun doing it.

We formed a little over 5 years ago on Lightninghoof, but transferred to Stormrage in April when our old server more or less died. We are looking for like-minded players to help us build and maintain the types of in-game relationships that make this game so enjoyable for us all.

We want people who play the game for social interaction and to have fun. A love of slaying internet dragons is certainly a plus, but we welcome questers, crafters, and PVPers of all types and levels, along with anyone else who shares our core values of Family, Fun, and Friendship.

If you are applying for a raid spot, our only expectation is that you work to improve yourself. You don't need the best gear or to have years of heroic experience. But, if you are someone who continually underperforms, dies to the same mechanics repeatedly without taking steps to fix whatever isn't working, can't handle constructive criticism, rages after a wipe or two, or are generally a tool, you might consider looking elsewhere.

Pertinent Info:
Server: Stormrage (EST, top US Alliance PVE server)
Guild: <Bloodspiral>
Guild Focus: Social/Semi-Casual Raiding
Current Needs:
  • Casuals, crafters, and questers of all shapes and sizes!
  • Progression:
  • 16/16 T14
  • 2/16 T15
  • Raid Times: Tues/Thurs, 8-11EST
    Website: http://www.bloodspiral-guild.net

    Feel free to have a look around our site. If you like what you see, you can submit an app, or hit an officer up in-game for more information.

    Hope to hear from you!
    Good morning. Still looking.
    Transferred yesterday, joined today. +1 for a great group of people!
    Thanks for the bump, Kessiaan. It's nice to have you on board.
    Just a boost before bed. We've added a couple of really great people in the past few days, and would like more to help grow the family.
    Good morning
    Good morning! Would love to add some more to the family!
    Transferred here because of Finbarr and his amazing stories. Stayed for the company.
    With all the new people we have added it looks like the new exspansion is going to be a great time for Bloodspiral. Thanks again Fin for all your hard work.
    It all worth it if we get the right kinds of people. Which we are, but would love more of! :)
    Good morning everyone!
    Bump before bed
    Looks cool. I'll submit an app some time this week.
    Bump for 2 of my toons needing a home.... 399/397 bear/boom respectively, 401 elemental shaman. HMU in game.

    mage_it_up@hotmail.com = real id, go!
    Glad to see some new members in the guild and having a blast. Cannot wait to see more apply.
    Good morning, Stormrage!
    Still looking for more family members

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