[H] Perfect Gentlemen recruiting 10s (MoP)

A lot of us have been playing since vanilla, which is great, but we've gotten older. With that means less time to crush out a 5 day raid schedule. If you're looking for hardcore, we aren't it.

We were hardcore for a long time (the 5 of us here) and successful. We mashed out some great encounters, saw some top 100 worldwide kills here and there, but in the end that's not fun to grind at anymore.

Here's what we want:

Weekend raiders to raid about 4 hours 2 nights a week(end).

Competence: This goes without saying but seriously, if you're a competent player who isn't into smashing encounters all week, sign up.

Gear: I don't care. At all. A !@#$ player is still a %^-* player in decked gear and a good player is still good in !@#$ gear. We can get gear, and it matters very little with MoP around the corner.

Personality: Don't care. Everyone thinks they're awesome, so I won't make a weak statement about "fun-loving and nice!" Just don't be a douche/douchette.

We just want some raiders to fill us out, PvPers as well. This will be a no pressure guild. To be fair a %^-*ty spec and a completely piss-poor attitude will get the boot. A player who can't avoid the big circles of doom will get the boot, but in general we just want to play when we can with people who are like minded.

So be good, be chill and remember that this guild is really about relaxation. Gaming isn't a job anymore, we all have those now that suck away at us. Yes, there'll be wipes and yes there will be some nights that may suck, but you're looking at a guild who just wants to raid and enjoys doing so.

PM myself, sappir, tekrim or marhlie.

Also we has a website: http://perfectgentlemen.enjin.com/home
WTS Shadowpriest??
Hey, do I know you guys? ;)

I woke up in USS Enterprise after a 2 year long break, I'm the only one online lol.

The guild link in the info was broken so I figured 'meh' I'll just keep leveling - what the hell.
Just submitted an application. Look me up. Thanks.

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