Pagans Refuge Recruiting for Casual Raiding

Pagans Refuge is currently recruiting new players for casual, weekend raiding. We are in the process of recreating our core group from previous raiding tiers, with 4-5 Core members returning. As it stands, we are returning to 10m Dragon Soul until mists in order to familiarize ourselves with new recruits.

Presently, we are in need of the following, with preferences noted, though accepting exceptional players of differing classes:

- 1 tank (Blood DK, Prot Pally, Feral Druid)
- Possibly 1 healer.
- 2-3 DPS (Spriest, Mage, Warlock)

Interested persons should respond to this thread or contact one of the following in game in order to discuss the potential for a raiding position:

Abrafö (Warrior)
Remnantlex (Shaman)
Bigdumbface (Paladin)

Please be prepared to answer questions in relation to prior raiding experience and class mechanics.
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